Mirabelle Morah

Writers Workshop Organised Under BlankPaperz Media

Writing Workshop with Secondary School Teens


The essence of this workshop was to inspire and encourage young teenagers who had writing skills to write better and to let them know that stories are powerful and they are not too young to accomplish anything in life. Books were given out as well. Thanks to the Sunrise Youth Intervention Organization for contributing a carton of Teenage Bibles, Reach 4 Life, which was distributed for free to the students and many thanks as well, to the management of NICO Commercial School for their reception and hospitality.

Thanks so much to Godwin Ovat and Victor Eyo for volunteering to make this a success. Get more information in the event here.


Writers Workshop for teenagers 

BlankPaperz Media


Nico Commercial Secondary School, Calabar, Nigeria

Lead Facilitator

January 2018

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