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To become a more confident and impactful writer, you have to not only improve your social media skills but also develop yourself personally, grow your portfolio and build your brand. Self leadership and personal development might be unlikely topics for a regular writing class, but this is unlike your regular writing class.

This masterclass was specially designed for (online) writers, social media managers and bloggers.

As participants got the opportunity of learning from the experiences of experts from around the world, engaging in skill and self building activities as well as building new networks with fellow participants.

This class focused on the following tools, knowledge and experience areas:

  • Personal leadership and confidence building for writers
  • Branding and portfolio building for writers
  • Building your writing skills
  • Content development and audience building
  • Leveraging on social media and social networking to reach more people


The three-day class held at James Ene Henshaw Foundation in Calabar and there was just so much to learn in this action and mentally intriguing three-day class.

There was a live Skype session with Mr. Simon Cohen, a communications expert and a broadcaster living in the UK. Participants of the class had a fine time asking Simon, asking so many questions about personal development, how he got to work with the Dalai Lama and if he faced any challenges from his family while pursuing his dreams.

Abraham Ologundudu, a digital brand strategist from Lagos Nigeria also taught the class all about personal branding via a video session, and his session was indeed HOT! Many participants kept asking for his video as well as the slides which Abraham prepared for the masterclass.

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The first day got Mr. Wisdom Ujong presenting Mirabelle Morah, the Lead Facilitator for the Masterclass, a gift copy of his published book, Wisdom Beyond Quotes. The first two days mainly consisted of deep teachings on personal development and activities to get the participants to ask themselves questions and to create a sense of self-awareness and self-belief in their potentials not just as writers, but as leaders as well.

The rest of the days consisted of lots of laughter, some arguments, learning how to write better and how to use social media for good.

Many thanks to the James Ene Henshaw Foundation, Bramodigi, Simon Cohen and the amazing rockstars who volunteered to make the masterclass work! Uche Nelson with his photography, Jacob Happiness with his strong hands on the technical unit, Godwin Ovat and James Okina with their presence to make sure everything worked well, Bukola Edgar taking care of the registrations and participants, and Mary Benedicta for being a participant and a volunteer! Thank you all!

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Writers masterclass and training

BlankPaperz Media

Lead Facilitator and organizer

14-16 June 2018

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