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“… hosted at California State University, Chico and she is already transforming her home nation” – U.S Department of State

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Mirabelle Morah is the award winning editorial & communications head of BlankPaperz Media as well as community and communications manager at the Social Enterprise World Forum. Traveling around the world, learning more and using the power of media, writing about people especially young Africans, spreading voices and untold stories through BlankPaperz, eating great food ⏤ Mirabelle enjoys these. She is one of We Are Family Foundation’s 2018 Global Teen Leaders, an Obama Young African Leader with YALI West Africa and served as a country representative for the Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) Common Futures Conversations Platform. Mirabelle continues to build her work as an open minded and innovative media and communications specialist with a social entrepreneurial background, skilled at writing, editing, using leadership, communication and digital media as tools for amplifying voices, encouraging positive social development and bringing results in the digital world.
Alongside world leaders & thinkers like the Dalai Lama & HRH Prince Charles, I share my thoughts on human-behavior and change during the post-COVID era
Featured for spotlighting gender inequality in Nigeria by the United Nations Foundation and +SocialGood
Her Network Woman of the Year Awards recognises a female below the age of 25 who lives an untold story of passion and perseverance towards a project